The former Argentine star: Boca fans burned my house … my father and mother were inside – in Joule


The former Argentine national player, Oscar Ruggeri, has revealed a terrible accident that he experienced personally following the direct transfer from Boca Juniors to the River Plate in 1985.

Ruggeri spoke on Spanish radio "Onda Cerro" about trying to set his house on fire by Boca fans after moving on to the eternal enemy.

"I played for River Plate and Boca Juniors, I spent great moments in both clubs, but when I moved from Boca to River, the crowd was set on fire in my house and my parents were inside," said Rogieri.

"When they burned the house, I went to visit the leader of the fans' association because he controlled everything and told him that this was the last thing I could face".

"These people threaten you with your family and they scare you even if you're a football player."

Defender of the 1986 World Cup, he has 97 international appearances with Argentina, and won the Libertadores Cup with River Plate in the same year winning the World Cup.

The Argentine football defender has spoken to discuss the upcoming battle between River Plate and Boca Juniors in the Copa Libertadores final on Sunday at Santiago Bernabeu.

"The game will be exciting," said Ruggeri, "the river could play better perhaps, but Bucca is more efficient and can score without presentations."

Rugerieri played for Real Madrid in the 1989/90 season, and was then crowned in the Spanish league: "Florentino Perez legend, if he had been president of Real Madrid when I was there, I spent more years in his shirt".

"Real Madrid have the best defender in the world: Sergio Ramos," said captain Sergio Ramos.

"Palacios is the best player in Argentina these days, he has a lot of skills and personality, I would like Real Madrid to bring him, because he is the best club in the world," he said in a telephone interview with Azziquel Palacios of Real Madrid. The player is a great talent. "

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