The former Celt opens Door to Parkhead Return Under Neil Lennon


Nothing has been decided yet or at least nothing has been announced yet when it comes to the position of full-time manager at Celtic Park.

Neil Lennon holds the role and wants to get the full-time concert. The Irishman is at the top of the eighth row with a team he has been involved in since the end of February and a Cup final awaits in May.

If Neil were to carry on with the work, it might be the case to reunite the old band because Johan Mjallby has just opened the door for a sensational return to the club to return to Neil on the bench.

Speaking with OpenGoal Sport and more specifically with Simon Ferry, the former Celtic defender and assistant left the door open if Neil wanted him to return to the club.

"I lost some motivation in Sweden over the past three years.

"I've finished my pro license so I have all my badges. I'm just helping an amateur team right now, which is good.

Asked by Ferry if he had returned to Celtic Under Lennon he would have appealed to him, the Swede was clear "Oh, absolutely yes."

Mjallby and Lennon left separately after Bolton and the Swede returned home while Neil Lennon went to Hibs with Garry Parker.

If Neil gets the job, unless he is told he can't bring his men, then there's a high probability that Parker and Mjallby can make a comeback.

A lot of Celtic fans are divided about who they want to be the next club manager without a clear winner. It will be up to Dermott Desmond and Peter Lawwell to make sure that the next one is ready for the ten-line inclination!


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