Sport The former Ghana coach talks about the fact that...

The former Ghana coach talks about the fact that the Pharaohs were exposed to Sahar’s work in the 1/6 match

Kwassi Abiah, former Ghana coach, confirmed that Egypt is one of the best teams in Africa and deserved to qualify for the last 2018 World Cup, saying: “Egypt was worthy of reaching the World Cup in 2018 because they were providing good football and performed with strong determination,” and the reason for his failure in Ghana qualified for the World Cup He explained: “I came to replace Avram Grant, and Ghana had only one point.”

Appiah continued, in televised comments to the program, “Fans of Thalatta”: “If I had been a Ghana coach before this time, I would have beaten Egypt and achieved a result in Cairo, but Ghana was in a bad situation at the time and lost to Uganda on its court.”

Kouassi Appiah commented on the allegations that the Pharaohs players were exposed to magic in the famous 6-1 match, saying: “Magic was the determination of the players and their determination to win by 3 goals, we had a mix between old and young players.”

The Egypt national team lost 6-1 at the hands of Ghana in the first leg of the World Cup Qualifiers.

Appiah added: “It was a difficult match and I had the opportunity to watch many matches of the ancient Egypt team looking for strengths and weaknesses, and changed the positions of some players.”

The Ghana coach spoke about stopping the seriousness of Mohamed Salah, saying: “And I realized that Mohamed Salah is the main player, so I made a player to accompany him and not make him receive a ball .. I did not focus on the big players only, but I added the young players, prepared them psychologically, benefited from their speeds, and realized the weaknesses in the defense of the Egyptian team.” I took advantage of the best advantage until we won. “



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