The former head of Nissan hid in a box for musical instruments and flew to Lebanon. Yamaha asked not to repeat after him


At the end of December, former Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn, who was under house arrest in Japan, fled to Lebanon, hiding in a box for musical instruments. Gon was allegedly helped by a group of fighters from a private military company hired by his wife.

In social networks, they began to joke about what else these wardrobe trunks might do for. Some even dared to repeat the trick of Carlos Ghosn.

There have been so many reports that one of Yamaha’s largest musical instrument manufacturers published warning in his official twitter account: “We won’t give a reason, but there were a lot of stories on Twitter about people crawling into large tool boxes. Late to warn someone after the accident has already occurred, so be careful. Don’t do it yourself and don’t let others. ”

Also company representatives remindedthat wardrobe trunks are designed for instruments and sound equipment – and certainly not for people.

  • Carlos Ghosn was arrested in Japan in November 2018 on charges of concealing $ 80 million in proceeds, as well as reimbursing Nissan for $ 16 million in personal losses from private investment. Nissan fired him as head of the board of directors.

Photo in the announcement:



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