The former Honduran player, Roberto Bailey, dies after suffering a traffic accident


SAN PEDRO SULA, HONDURAS.- Honduran football woke up to mourning on Wednesday 12 June, after the news of the death of the former player was released Roberto Bailey, early in the morning.

Bailey, 66 years, he suffered a traffic accident while driving in the car from San Pedro Sula towards the city of Fabric, Atlantis, in the far north of Honduras.

According to the preliminary report, the tourist-type vehicle hit a truck in the Los Cerritos sector on the CA-13 motorway. The front of the machine has been completely destroyed. Bailey, who was wearing a green shirt, was stuck in the driver's seat.

The former star of national football was taken for Mario Catarino Rivas Hospital Immediately after the event was recorded, however, he lost his life minutes later.

Bailey was the champion with Marathón in 1979 and is the sixth leading scorer in the history of the purslane club with 47 goals. He was with the H in the World Spain 82, but he didn't play. The deceased was the brother of the exfutbolist Jimmy Bailey.

As if it were a whim of destiny, the ex-World Cup returned from the burial of the former Marathon player, Norman wolf, when the fatal accident happened.


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