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The former mayor of Novokuybyshevsk committed suicide

The former mayor of the city of Novokuybyshevsk in the Samara region, Vladimir Fomin tried to commit suicide, was taken to the hospital, but the doctors failed to save him, reports the portal NSC63.

"A check is in progress. In fact, the fact is the place to be. He was hospitalized with a wound in a hospital ", he was informed RBC in the IC administration of Russia in the Samara region when he was asked about the incident with Vladimir Fomin. Subsequently, the investigative committee confirmed that it was not possible to save it. "My wife found out at 7 am. As a result, the accident occurred over the same period. Now an inspection is underway," the department explained.

According to, Fomin underwent intensive care. The NSC63 portal notes that the doctors were unable to save the former mayor. The death of the politician was confirmed by the Samara State Television and Radio Broadcasting Company in the city hospital.

Vladimir Fomin became head of Novokuybyshevsk on 4 December 2018, before directing the Novokuybyshevsky oil and additives factory for about 20 years. Shortly before the suicide, Fomin resigned. According to, he suffered from heart disease and underwent several operations.



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