The former ‘number 2’ of the Interior appeals for the PP to sit on the ‘Kitchen’ bench

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The ex number 2 of the Ministry of the Interior Francisco Martínez has presented an appeal in which it asks the National Court to seat the Popular Party in the dock for the caso Kitchen. The former Secretary of State for Security, who was a deputy popularis one of those indicated by the judge Manuel García Castellón to be tried for spying on former PP treasurer Luis Bárcenas, using Ministry resources, with the aim of stealing compromising documentation for the party.

Last week, the investigating judge sent him to the bench along with former minister Jorge Fernández Díaz and others involved in the kitchen operation. In the same order opening the oral trial, the magistrate rejected the PSOE’s request to consider the PP civilly responsible – that is, economically – as the request was submitted too late.

“It has been surprising to this party that oral proceedings have not been opened with the Popular Party, as the civil party responsible in this case,” says the appeal signed by lawyers Juan Antonio Frago and Verónica Suárez.

“It is absolutely logical that, if it is assumed that our client, together with the other co-defendants, committed the crime to benefit the PP and there is a possible civil sentence, or even that the suspension of a hypothetical sentence may involve the payment of the civil liability, the more potential culprits there are, the greater guarantees of survival our client has,” the letter continues.

The clash between Martínez and the party for which he was a deputy is clearly reflected in the writing. Not only does he ask that he be sentenced to face the financial responsibilities imposed in the sentence, but he indicates that the PP could have been accused not only civilly, but also criminally as a legal entity.

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