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Death of Robert Mugabe, former president of Zimbabwe

He was 95 years old. He led the African Republic from 1980 to 2017.

The former president of Zimbabwe Robert Mugabe died at the age of 95. It has been reported Bi-bi-si and Ugandan television channel NBS.

The Minister of Education of Zimbabwe Fadrai Mahera on his Twitter I wrote: "Rest in peace, Robert Mugabe."

Sorcery strike: how Zimbabwe came under military control

Robert Mugabe has been leading the African country since 1980 and has resigned at the end of November 2017, confirming his decision to "guarantee a smooth transfer of power" to the country. The day before his resignation, the parliament started an impeachment procedure to remove him, as he refused to voluntarily renounce his authority. All this happened against the background of the political crisis in the country, provoked by Mugabe's purges in the ruling party "Zimbabwe African National Union – Patriotic Front".

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