The former professional player cleans up the ARD show and gives it all

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"I know everything" The former professional player cleans up the ARD show and gives it all

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Benjamin Adrion, founder of Viva with Agua Benjamin Adrion, founder of Viva with Agua

Benjamin Adrion founded "Viva con Agua" and in 2009 received the Federal Cross of Merit

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Benjamin Adrion played for St. Pauli and VfB Stuttgart. The former professional has a big heart and obviously an intelligent head. In a show quiz ARD has won 100,000 euros. He does not keep the profit.

FAccording to popular opinion, footballers are often considered those who have made too many headballs. If there was any other evidence, then Benjamin Adrion (37) as a candidate for the ARD quiz "I know everything" impressed him impressively. The former player of VfB Stuttgart and FC St. Pauli convinced celebrity experts and the public as a brilliant boss and won € 100,000.

Adrion has struggled in three rounds without aid for the finals. First against the Mexican opera singer Rolando Villazon, the legend of figure skating Katharina Witt, the actor Tobias Moretti and the prince Gloria von Thurn und Taxis in their special fields. Then against a thousand spectators in the studio. Finally against the moderators of the Armin Assinger quiz from Austria, Günther Jauch and the Swiss Susanne Kunz. In the final he met Daria-Maret Geller, a woman with an IQ of over 130.

But Adrion also took this obstacle. Only he knew that Christopher Columbus was the first to reach the Bahamas on his journey to America. The profit of 100,000 euros goes to the "Viva con Aqua de Santa Pauli" aid project. Benjamin, son of Rainer Adrion, former coach of the U-21 national team, is its founder and CEO.

In 2009 he received the Federal Cross of Merit

The association is raising funds for a worldwide improvement of drinking water supply, particularly in nursery schools and schools in Africa. It is supported by Pauli, 1. FC Nürnberg, their fans and artists. The project kicked off at Havana in 2005, where St. Pauli was in a training camp and the dirty water was causing illness over and over again.

"Water is the foundation of all development, we simply open the tap, but drinking water in many countries is a poor commodity, difficult to access, expensive and not edible due to contamination," says Adrion. In 2009 he was awarded the Federal Cross of Merit on the ribbon for his efforts.

Football: Stuttgart midfielder Benjamin Adrion

Adrion 2002 in the VfB Stuttgart jersey

Source: pa / dpa / Christian Fleury



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