The former red light priest becomes a writer: published a novel about church and sex scandals

Don Andrea Contin (left) and the novel (right)

Don Andrea Contin: the ex-Paduan red light priest makes his debut as a writer. A detective story entitled “My mother was a girlWhich tells of the investigations and mysteries behind the death of a young priest involved in a sex scandal. The previews and the cover of the novel are already available on the website

“Round trip to hell”

“It took me five years to write this book, which can be read in five hours – explains Contin (52) on his website – and a return ticket to hell. The title? It was the last sentence I wrote. As always, you write the most important thing when you have finished the others ». A five-year period for the first novel of the former parish priest of San Lazzaro (district of Padua), which began the day after the pronouncement of the bishop of Padua, who in 2017 stripped him of the clerical state after more than a year of controversy.

The settlements

In 2016 a woman reported him for injuries and violence and following searches operated by the investigators in the rectory of the church parish church of via San Marcoand the spotlight immediately turned to the secret life of the young priest: hard videos, home movies and sex toys. At that point the scandal affected the entire Paduan curia which decided to revoke the priestly status of Don Contin. THEThe criminal proceedings against him ended with a one-year prison sentence and suspended sentencethe latter having accepted the charge and chosen to settle with the public prosecutor.

The twist

Among the alleged crimes there were also serious injuries and aggravated threats, for five episodes in four years in which the priest allegedly beaten and threatened to death the woman who then rebelled against that ferocity. Then there was the twist: the sometimes violent sex with the victim was not under accusation. In other words: the hypothesis of induction and exploitation of prostitution had not been traced by the magistrates and carabinieri who had carried out the investigations, because the ladies who had shared their “hot” experiences with the priest had not been paid, nor had Don Contin pushed or, worse, supplied women to friends. On one occasion a parishioner, after spending the night with the victim, would have asked the priest “I guess I owe you some money …”, a statement to which Don Contin answered complicit “Well, you’re going to do some jobs for me here in the parish“. The most serious charges were therefore dropped.

The many questions

Now we ask ourselves if and how much this book could have autobiographical. “The novel of one who was born four times without yet ever really dying once“, As the author himself describes it, is presented as the reconstruction of an undoubtedly turbid story, on which it is urgent to shed light and come to terms with it, but also as a subject full of erotic charge, narrating precisely about a priest who finds himself at the center of a sex scandal, in a completely similar sense to what happened in Padua between 2016 and 2018. Beyond the procedural aspect, perhaps this book will be able to answer the questions that many would have liked to ask the now former priest.

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