The former socialist minister Sáenz de Cosculluela addresses Sánchez and the current Executive: "you cause me shame"

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The former socialist minister Javier Sáenz de Cosculluela has sent a letter to the general secretary of his party, Pedro Sánchez, to express his “disagreement” with the investiture agreements signed with ERC, Junts, Bildu, Sumar and BNG and with the “supposedly justifying statements” of the same that he is making. both the candidate for reelection as President of the Government and the Federal Executive of Ferraz with their “applause.” In the letter – to which he has had access THE WORLD-, assures that these actions cause him “shame” and asks that the elections be repeated to “get out of the current morass.”

“You are moving away from the values ​​that characterized the PSOE, you are promoting a decline in democracy and our institutions, promoting an Amnesty Law that places you in a position of servitude in the face of a supremacist, reactionary and disintegrating nationalism (…) You see the hug of a bear in the internal pacts of the right and, podezedyou can’t see the other bear that is capturing us,” argues the person who held the Public Works and Urban Planning portfolio between 1985 and 1991 under the mandate of Felipe González.

And he adds: “After more than 50 years of honorable and dignified militancy, I declare that, at least, you do not act in my name. I only represent myself, I am no longer a spokesperson for anyone, but I must tell you that you cause me shame I protest your political actions. It is very sad for me, having been president and spokesperson for the socialists in Parliament, constituent deputy and minister, to reach these conclusions and have to ask you to give up your efforts and call elections to get out of the current situation. marasmus”.

The voice of Sáenz de Cosculluela has publicly joined the criticism of other former socialist leaders who in recent months have publicly shown their disagreement with the concessions to the independence movement in exchange for Sánchez’s permanence in La Moncloa. Felipe González, Alfonso Guerra, Joaquín Almunia, Nicolás Redondo Terreros, Ramon JaureguiElena Valenciano and Juan Carlos Ibarra.

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