The former specialist director of graphics joins Kali Protectives

Kali Protectives announced today that the 17-year veteran of specialized bicycles Alain Lanusse has joined their team.

"We are extremely excited to have someone of the caliber of Alain who helps us with all aspects of the brand," said Kali founder Brad Waldron, "We have been focused on creating the safest helmets on the market and it is exciting to have someone so focused making them even avant-garde aesthetically. "

His position at Specialized lasted from 2002, when he was one of the three graphic designers there, until May 2019, when he ran an entire department of almost a dozen designers.

Kali states that Alain's influence will go beyond the colors and tags, and that he will work with all aspects of their products. "The loss of Specialized is our gain," Waldron said. "It won't take long before even the profane begins to notice the effect of Alain on the Kali brand. Things are getting very exciting in these parts."



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