The former Trump attorney Michael Cohen ought to get a substantial prison term. – BBC News


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Once Cohen had sworn he would take a bullet for Mr. Trump

Former US President Donald Trump's attorney, Michael Cohen, should serve a "substantial" prison sentence for crimes, including tax evasion, prosecutors say.

Cohen pleaded guilty to crimes including violation of financial laws during the 2016 elections, handling silence for alleged Mr. Trump.

He also admitted to lie in Congress about a Trump-owned agreement.

He is one of a number of Trump's assistants investigated in the midst of an investigation into alleged Russian collusion in the elections.

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Cohen collaborated with investigations overseen by special adviser Robert Mueller.

However, while New York prosecutors have agreed that this should be taken into account in the ruling, it should only lead to a "modest" reduction in guidelines from four to five years.

Mr. Mueller will not seek any additional convictions in addition to the recommendation of New York magistrates, he said a court statement from the special adviser's office.

The New York magistrates' request said: "Cohen, a lawyer and a business man, has committed four different federal crimes over a period of several years.

"He was motivated to do so out of personal greed, and he repeatedly used his power and influence for deceptive purposes."


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