The former world chess champion A. Karpov, who fell completely drunk from the steps of the Duma, is dying – there is talk of his death

On October 29, it was reported about the alleged attack and beating of the deputy of the State Duma representing the ruling party “United Russia” and the former world chess champion A. Karpov near the Duma. This was reported by a businessman who knows the deputy well and his friend Andrejus Kovaliovas.

But as it turns out, this news was an attempt by the friend to cover up the real situation, which is not at all similar to the talk about the attack. A. Karpov’s assistant Alberts Stepanianas and the chess player’s daughter Sofija denied information about a possible attack by bandits.

Both of them testified that it was just a domestic injury, but the Russian press found out that A. Karpov had drunk a lot that day and simply fell down the Duma stairs and hit his head.

The media repeatedly wrote that A. Karpov had not avoided drinking recently and the police had to take the drunken man home more than once.

After the fall, A. Karpov was suddenly taken to the neuroresuscitation department of the Sklifosovsky Institute in Moscow, he was induced into an artificial coma, but there was news that the man would not survive.

He is said to have suffered a severe brain injury, diagnosed with cerebral edema, fractures to the right occiput and right temporal bone, multiple contusions and brain haemorrhage, and a broken hip.

in 1975 A. Karpov became the world chess champion when the American Robert Fisher refused to defend his title. 1978 and 1981 A. Karpov twice defended his title against another famous Russian chess player, Viktor Korchnoi, who in 1976 fled the Soviet Union.

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A. Karpov lost his title in 1985, losing to the current dissident Garii Kasparov.

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