The founder of Buzzcocks Pete Shelley is dead


This is "With great sadness" the British punk rock group Buzzcocks has confirmed, on Thursday 6 December, the death of its singer Pete Shelley, "One of the most influential and prolific songwriters in Britain". At the age of 63, he died of a heart attack, according to the BBC.

The Buzzcocks group had revolutionized the English scene in the mid-1970s, alongside Sex Pistols or The Clash, with titles like Never in love (or someone you should not have), Orgasm Addict is What I get

The opening of the Sex Pistols

Pete Shelley has inspired generations of musicians, like the bass player of the American rock group R.E.M, Mike Mills, who paid him homage in a Tweet: "Slim, Pete Shelley if he's gone, the Buzzcocks were and are one of my favorites, and I was lucky enough to spend some time with Pete and tell him."

From his real name Peter Campbell McNeish, Pete Shelley was born in Leigh, England, in 1955. He founded Buzzcocks with Howard Devoto after meeting at Bolton University. The band started in Manchester in 1976, opening the Sex Pistols. Devoto left in 1977.

The group split in the early 80s, but was reformed less than ten years later and has continued to occur over the past three decades.

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