The four best blood pressure monitors to choose from in 2023

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For our tests, we first focused on the data storage capacity of the devices. We then analyzed the power supply mode and the connectors of each model. We also took into account their size. In order to obtain better results, we wanted to measure our blood pressure every morning on an empty stomach and at a specific time. We ended up taking a look at their general ergonomics (ease of installing the armband, quality of the screen, number of buttons, etc.).

The selection of the 4 best blood pressure monitors to choose from in 2023

Beurer BM 55: the best value for money

Beurer BM 55: the best value for money – Whale Media

Using the oscillometric method, this device offers monitoring of blood pressure and heart rate. It is equipped with a color scale placed on the screen allowing a quick understanding of the results. In terms of ergonomics, it has a large bright backlit screen and is very easy to use, even if its touch buttons have sometimes been less responsive. Note that it is possible to save 2 profiles with 60 data for each and that the device is equipped with a USB port, allowing data to be transferred to free software. Finally, the device works with 4 AAA batteries or with adapter and a storage pouch is provided.

Most :

  • Oscillometric method
  • Color scale on the screen
  • Large, bright, backlit display
  • Simple to use
  • Data transfer possible

The least:

  • Less responsive tactile buttons

Omron X3 : le plus extensible

Omron X3 : le plus extensible – Whale Media

This upper arm blood pressure monitor is easy to use. It is able to measure blood pressure as well as heart rate and signals any abnormalities. In addition, thanks to its winding guide and the bad position detector, the cuff is easy to install and is expandable thanks to Intelli Wrap technology. The device can accommodate 2 users and it automatically saves up to 60 data for each. As for its screen, it is large and easy to read but its lack of backlighting does not allow reading in the dark. The absence of a color code is also to be deplored.

Most :

  • Winding guide and bad position detector
  • Easy to install cuff
  • Stores up to 60 data
  • Easy to read display

The lessers :

  • Lack of backlight
  • No color code

Withings BPM Connect : le plus compact

Withings BPM Connect : le plus compact – Whale Media

This compact model is placed around the arm and allows you to measure blood pressure and heart rate. The device is a little slow and expensive but offers results of great precision, in particular thanks to the oscillometric method. In addition, the LED indicator on the screen allows better interpretation of the results. The latter is readable but you have to bend your head a little to read the information. Additionally, the device accommodates up to 8 users with unlimited data storage in the Health Mate app. Finally, this blood pressure monitor is equipped with a rechargeable battery, which makes it practical.

Most :

  • Compact
  • Highly accurate results
  • LED indicator
  • Readable screen
  • Rechargeable battery

The lessers :

  • A slow foot
  • High price

Omron X2 Basic: the most affordable

Omron X2 Basic : le plus abordable – Whale Media

At a very affordable price, this blood pressure monitor has proven to be very accurate. It is placed on the arm and operates using 4 AA batteries. Thanks to the oscillometric method, it is able to measure systolic and diastolic blood pressure, as well as heartbeats. During our tests, it was easy to use thanks to its winding guide present on the manual. Its digital screen, meanwhile, is well oriented and readable during the day. However, the lack of backlighting makes it impossible to read in the dark. Finally, note that the device only supports one user profile and it only saves the last measurement performed.

Most :

  • Affordable price
  • Oscillometric method
  • Simple d’utilisation
  • Daytime readable screen

The lessers :

  • Lack of backlight
  • Accommodates only one user

Other models tested

The other models of blood pressure monitors tested – Whale Media
  • Omron Evolv : We encountered great pairing difficulties with this blood pressure monitor

6 key criteria for choosing the right blood pressure monitor

According to our product experts, here are the key criteria to consider when choosing the right blood pressure monitor.

The type of blood pressure monitor

  • The arm blood pressure monitor is automatic and is placed above the elbow. They are deemed reliable and are those used by health professionals
  • The wrist blood pressure monitor, on the other hand, is smaller and therefore more portable. It is placed on the wrist and its reliability is a little less

Data measured

  • Blood pressure monitors generally measure 3 types of data
  • The systolic pressure corresponds to the tension when the heart is contracted and it corresponds to the highest pressure
  • Diastolic pressure is lower (when the heart relaxes)
  • Finally, blood pressure monitors also measure the number of beats per minute
  • Some also have an arrhythmia detector, which warns of irregular heartbeats


  • Choose blood pressure monitors with large bright screens for better reading
  • The majority of devices present a color code on the screen, allowing a better understanding of the results

The number of users and the memory

  • It is usually possible to save the last 30 to 100 measurements
  • It is also possible to register several people on the same device

The connection

  • Some models allow you to synchronize your data with a mobile application
  • This makes it easier to follow your progress


  • Most devices are battery operated for ease of movement
  • However, if you prefer, you can also purchase an adapter allowing you to connect your blood pressure monitor to a mains socket.

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