The fragility of Alberto Fernández and the new obsession of Cristina Kirchner with Horacio Rodríguez Larreta

Laura Di Marco, in LN +


An important portion of Argentine society has, for years, a crucial slope: definitively run to Cristina Kirchner of the political scene.

For that portion of Argentina, this pending is even more important than the economic reactivation: this was demonstrated with 41 percent of the votes for Together for Change in 2019, in the midst of the economic recession.

An innovation in a society in which, historically, elections are defined with the pocket.

That portion of Argentina looked for different instruments and symbols to get rid of Cristina: Massa (2013), Macri (2015) and even, although it sounds strange, to Alberto Fernandez: If you look at the polls, a not inconsiderable portion of the voters of the Frente de Todos have a terrible image of Cristina Kirchner.

Why, then, did they vote for Fernández? For two reasons: to reactivate the economy, which Macri did not know how to get on track and, at the same time, with the hope that he would get rid of Cristina, as Néstor Kirchner had done with Duhalde.

But neither of those things happened. Not only did they not happen, but Cristina’s pen is seen more and more clearly on Alberto Fernández’s agenda.

That percentage of disenchanted people – who are the famous independents and who define elections in Argentina – participate in the banderazos and it is very likely that yesterday they participated in the torch march.

This is a tip to look at very closely.

Going back to the beginning, this pending that a large part of Argentine society has seems to have found another instrument, another vehicle to fulfill its objective: Horacio Rodríguez Larreta.

Cristina knows it and that is why wearing it out is her new obsession. She is forcing Fernández to continue taking resources away from the City. Now they are going for a new slap: 124,000 million pesos that, according to the Government’s calculations, the City has more because of Macri. The threat of another red button went off.

Cristina is concerned about two issues, which go together: according to all measurements, the positive image of Alberto Fernández has been falling month by month. According to the survey you look at, from March to today, Fernández fell between 28 and 48 points. According to Opinaia, for the first time, Larreta surpassed Fernández in the acceptance of the people.

The crisis also triggered bloopers and sincericides.

We started with Guzmán’s “sarasa”, which generated a lot of repercussion in the networks and we reached the blooper of Santiago Cafiero last night, who wanted to say something untenable, but his unconscious forced him to tell the truth.

Luis Juez editorialized this thread in a masterful way.

The flags, the march of the torches yesterday afternoon organized for the Court to prevent Cristina from executing her self-amnesty, do they have any effect?

Yes. The pressure of the people was translated into the move made by the president of the Court, Carlos Rosenkrantz, who summoned his peers for next Tuesday to endorse or reject the request of the three judges that Cristina wants to run to guarantee her impunity: Bruglia, Bertuzzi and Castelli, turned into rockstars of anti-Kirchnerism.

Rosenkrantz has Alphonsinist roots. He was appointed by Macri as president of the Court. Obviously, Kirchnerism has wanted his head for a long time and made a thousand moves to get rid of it, like all judges who are not of the stick.

The move he made put him back in his sights.

As the authoritarian system that it is, Kirchnerism is thinking of retaliating against it. Now they are looking for ways to activate a political trial against him.

Another who spoke about the march of the torches is the president of the body that, precisely, appoints and removes judges, the Council of the Magistracy. Its president, Alberto Lugones, is a Peronist militant and very close to the Government. He said this: “It was a summons with extras and not much else.”

Blaming people, a classic of Kirchnerism.

Alberto Fernández said a surprising phrase yesterday, in which, if you read it correctly, he blames people for the lack of dollars.

In other words, the question, according to Alberto Fernández, happens because people “understand” that if they buy dollars it damages the productive system and weakens the peso. And he raises it from a government that does not give the slightest alternative to the middle class to preserve their savings, in an inflationary economy.

Wouldn’t the underlying question be why Argentina has destroyed its currency?

But as the President changes the chip quickly, it seems that today he realized that blaming people for what happens with the dollar was not good, and he returned with the usual script, always yielding: the lack of dollars is the fault of the rogues of the opposition, who took her outside.

The advance of the Government on Justice; the installation of the super stock, the need for dollars and the taking of land triggers very logical fears in the portion of society that has the capacity to save: what if they come for my dollars?

How much truth is there and how much fear that the past will be repeated in the versions about a new playpen?

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