The Free Patriotic Party: The birth of the government gave hope, and we will follow up on these issues with it

The political body of the Free Patriotic Movement held its periodic meeting electronically, headed by Representative Gibran Bassil, and discussed its agenda and issued the following statement:

1- The current believes that the birth of the government gave the Lebanese hope that the country would enter a phase of relative stability and halt the collapse. As for the rise and restoration of confidence, they require the government to assume its responsibilities by developing and implementing a financial recovery plan and carrying out reforms, starting with criminal auditing, restructuring the banking sector, preserving depositors’ money, and distributing losses fairly and putting in place. A transparent and realistic budget for the year 2022 that takes into account the adoption of radical financial reforms, provided that the House of Representatives goes along with this by approving the laws of capital control, revealing the accounts of those in charge of public service, and recovering the money smuggled abroad.

The Free Patriotic Movement emphasizes following up on these issues with the government and pursuing everything related to providing a social safety net by starting to work with the financing card and supporting employees in parallel with lifting subsidies and providing the maximum amount of energy through the Electricité du Liban after the lies were exposed and it became clear. The real waste is in preventing EDL’s capabilities to produce electricity and draining the reserves by purchasing diesel for generators, not to mention the ever-increasing rise in generator bills that citizens cannot afford.

2- The movement considers that Israel’s undertaking of any gas, extractive and production activity in the disputed area north of Line 29 is an attack on Lebanon, which requires taking executive measures to preserve the borders and rights in full.

3- The current stresses the importance of holding the parliamentary elections on time and in accordance with the current law, including the right of the expatriates to vote and be represented in their place of residence, and to preserve their right to elect six representatives to represent them. The movement rejects any attempt to strike this right under any pretext, and considers the need to seriously research the adoption of biometric voting, and the establishment of a megacenter, which facilitates the electoral process and encourages citizens, residents and residents, to vote freely and transparently away from any pressures.

4- The current stresses the need for the judiciary and the security forces to carry out their duties in pursuing wanted persons who are fleeing from justice and accused of smuggling and storing petroleum and nitrates. Who is responsible for the explosion, and the movement sees the need for all concerned to take the initiative to put themselves at the disposal of the investigation.

5- The movement announces that it is making the necessary contacts with those concerned to secure the export of the apple season, which is abundant this year, from whose financial returns thousands of Lebanese live, and it is doing everything necessary to secure the fuels necessary for the process of preserving and cooling it.

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