The French always buy less new clothes, the market in decline – 20 minutes


A Pimkie shop. (Illustration) – Yann Bohac / SIPA

After a very complicated year for the clothing industry in France, the next one does not seem brighter. The economic observatory of the French fashion institute (MFI) predicts that the decline in fashion sales will continue in 2019, it was learned this Thursday during the day of the conference on "International prospects for fashion and textiles in 2019" .

At the end of December, the director of the observatory, the textile and clothing industry in France "should have registered a 2.9% decrease", according to Gildas Minvielle, director of the Observatory. This decline could be even stronger if the "yellow jackets" continued their actions during the Christmas period, reports The world.

"The question is no longer at the rendezvous"

The social movement is a new blow to the market, after many shop closings and cuts in the workforce in 2017. Even the future seems blocked: the MFI forecast a decline of 0.9% in 2019. This decline is in function for about ten years. It would be both "structural" and "social", according to the specialists of the Institute. "The request is no longer at the rendezvous," said Gildas Minvielle.

Some consumers cite budget reasons. But 40% say they have deliberately spent less to "buy better" in 2017, for "ethical concern", "ecological" activism or pure pragmatism. The fashion industry will have to redouble inventiveness to reverse the trend.


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