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The French carrier has refused the North Sea route

CMA CGM explains the refusal of the route along the Russian coast with concern for the environment

Photo: Alexey Danichev / RIA Novosti

Rudolph Saade, head of CMA CGM, a French container shipping company, said his company will not use the North Sea route along Russia's Arctic coast. relationships Maritime executive edition.

Saade explained his decision with concern for the environment. The statement of the CGM of the CMA states that the Arctic is a unique region in nature and not yet fully explored. "The use of the North Sea route can pose a serious threat to the unique ecosystem of this part of the planet," Saade said.

Among the possible threats of the French company called oil spills and the death of rare animals due to collisions with ships. CMA CGM also pointed out that the position of the company meets the needs of its customers.

As observed by the maritime executive, the French company did not use the North Sea route as an alternative to a longer route to the Far East via the Suez Canal. Of all the major container ships, Maersk Line tested the route along the Russian coast last year, but there was no talk of regular container shipments.

The publication indicates that Saade expressed his position, including French President Emmanuel Macron, during a meeting of the latter with representatives of the corporate elite on Friday.



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