World The French prosecutor's office is asking for the case...

The French prosecutor’s office is asking for the case to be reopened against Depardier on rape charges

Depardier was accused of attacking a woman and raping her in her Parisian mansion in August 2018.

Last year, after a nine-month investigation, the Paris prosecutor’s office closed the case against Depardier for lack of evidence.

The accusations against Depardier came at a time when the #MeToo movement was expanding, with women sharing stories of sexual harassment in the workplace.

The movement began in Hollywood following accusations of sexual harassment by influential producer Harvey Wainstain and grew into a broader struggle for gender equality and sexual abuse.

Newspapers in Paris reported in 2018 that Depardier’s accuser was a 20-30-year-old actress and dancer who wanted career advice from the actor.

Depardier denied that he had attacked and raped the woman.

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