The French Senate approves the new immigration law

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This Tuesday, the French Government’s immigration law passed its first stage in the processing legislative, after its approval by the Senate. The initial text has little to do with the one that the senators have validated this afternoon, with 210 votes in favor compared to 115 against from the left. This one is gone hardeningespecially for please the conservative right of the Republicans, who considered it to be too lax.

325 of the 341 senators have voted. Originally, the law sought to control immigration and improve the integration of foreigners already living on French soil. The reality is that it has been nourished by measures to achieve the first objective and those aimed at the second have been weakened.

The only measure that could satisfy the leftthan the one that sought to regularize immigrants without papers who work in sectors where there is a lack of laboras the hostelry o to construction, has come to almost nothing: The prefects will be the ones to analyze each case individually, assessing the integration situation of the applicant.

Measures have been introduced to more easily expel those who commit crimes, eliminating some of the protections that benefited, for example, those who had arrived in French territory under 13 years of age. They could not be fired and, from now on, it will be possible if they have committed a crime. The Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, believes that this will allow expel 4,000 criminal foreigners each year.

Applying for asylum and family reunification are also complicated. The children born in France but with Foreign parents will no longer have automatic nationality upon reaching the age of majority.

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