“The French will be spoiled …”

It’s fantastic ! The Tour will live!“There are voices we love to hear, phone calls that ring out like a call for joy. Jean-Paul Ollivier, 75 spring and 41 “July” on Le Tour de France is about to experience its first “September” with its eyes riveted on the Grande Boucle. “I’m curious to see this extraordinary Tour… It will be an incredible breath of fresh air, an opening for the morale of the French, a relief“.

“People will free themselves by watching the Tour”

Scholar, needless to say, always an anecdote, a story and words to say it, “Paulo Science“gives us in parallel this famous Tour 47 and its therapeutic virtues on the mental health of the French”It’s the same, people will free themselves by watching the Tour this year!“and increase with his passionate soul”the Tour is the event, it is the enthusiasm, it is the mountaineers in the passes, the solo or team effort during the time trials, the sprinters, these extraordinary stuntmen! You have everything, you vibrate every minute. I’m so excited to see this. The event is there this year, and it is unanimous.

The big July celebration, at the start of the holidays, will therefore be this year’s high point and end of the summer: “It’s true, it’s quite unexpected on this date, but the French will be spoiled, we want to give them their Tour de France. They are ready to applaud, it will be magic! They felt like they were going to take their toy away from them. And here we give them back, it’s great! Whatever the date, the Tour de France must bring happiness to the French“.A spark in the middle of the night, the shadow of the Tour like an exit door:”The runners, they’re going to be crazy, crazy, crazy about wanting to do this Tour. They trample impatiently, they start to dream about it. They will want to show off, it will make a magnificent Tour de France!“.

Jean-Paul Ollivier on the Tour de France 1986 © AFP

I will not look at this Tour with the same eyes as other years. “

View of the sea from his house in Concarneau, “You don’t know Concarneau? It’s one of the prettiest cities in France“, this eternal Breton obviously measures the gravity of the situation:”I will not look at this Tour with the same eyes as other years. But rather with the glance on a pandemic which is terrorizing the whole world. For the moment, we are in the dark, we do not know how it will happen. But now, the foundations are laid. We have the date of the Tour. Until then, there will be new catch arrangements. We will do with it.

A few seconds of silence, the modesty of the man and these words distilled in the middle of the enthusiasm of the true passionate: “But this year, I will certainly watch the Tour on television. With the confinement measures that are looming for seniors, I had not previously imagined being chained to Concarneau. But that’s how it is … I will certainly not be able to go on the Grande Boucle, nor even follow a stage, like the other years, in the car of Christian Prudhomme (director of the Tour de France) … You know, the Tour de France has been my life, I lived with the Tour in my guts … The Tour is part of me!“and conclude”the Tour de France is magical!“.

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