The frequency of the new MBC 3 channel 2023 on Nilesat, in high quality

The MBC3 channel is one of the Arab channels affiliated with the Kingdom, which broadcasts a variety of content suitable for children up to the age of 16, and the first appearance of the channel on MBC1 was for only two hours, and the MBC3 channel began to take its place among children’s channels After the presentation of the Yogi series, which made it superior to the Space Toon channel, which made it display more films and cartoon series, and it produced some of its own programs called Live Safari, and it is worth noting that the channel seeks to renew its content permanently, especially on the anniversary of the establishment of the channel. .

MBC 3 channel frequency

MBC 3 channel frequency

Since the MBC 3 channel is one of the most popular channels among young people and fans of various cartoon films, we present to you today the frequency of the channel so that all programs and cartoon films can be watched continuously at any time, and the channel can be received on the Nilesat satellite, frequency 11470, Vertical polarization, coding factor 27500.

mbc channel content 3

The MBC3 channel offers many diverse programs and cartoon series that attract viewers, both children and adults, and the most prominent of these programs and series are: Danny Program, Doodles Program, Slugterra Program, Tiktiti Talk Program, Living Safari Program, Tell Me How, Adventures Program Dora, Rusty Knight, Dream Street, Rob The Robot, Claw Patrol, Regal Academy, Chuck & Friends, Shimmer & Shine, Bubble Fish, Basketball Champions, The Ultimate Spider-Man.

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Information about MBC 3 channel

MBC 3 is a channel owned by the Middle East Television Center, and it is run by Mostafa Mahmoud. This channel was established in 2004, and from the moment it was established, it focused on the child, whether in terms of entertainment or education. Therefore, it provided various educational, educational and educational programs that were not only concerned with playing. The channel presents various segments such as: the morning of the young, the period of adolescence, suspense without limits.

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