The furious release of the rapporteur Gabriel Anello against quarantine: “Do you not believe that there is an intention here to bankrupt some companies? ”

After registering a pronounced increase in the contagion curve, the government analyzes not to relax the mandatory quarantine that governs the entire Argentine territory and continue with the same format until June 8. In the midst of all this process, the rapporteur Gabriel Anello He expressed his critical gaze against the decisions and statements that different members of the ruling political arc have been making. He also expressed his fear about the behind the scenes of the proposal of the deputy Fernanda Vallejos.

From his sports program in Radio Miter, the driver raised a series of questions and used a phrase from the governor of the province of Buenos Aires as a trigger for the debate: “You have to be respectful of what is happening. Each one from his place complies with the quarantine. There are situations that to me, as a citizen who have a microphone, I think it is good that we can count them. The other day I was listening to the governor of the province of Buenos Aires who said: ‘Many ask to return to normality, normality no longer exists,’ how is it that normality no longer exists? what does it mean?

The person in charge of the program Super Sports Miter He referred to a statement by Axel Kicillof during a visit to an automobile plant: “Many ask to return to normality with these discourses on the economy. I want to say today at Volkswagen that normalcy no longer exists. Can’t go back to normal: it is a dream, a fantasy or a collective suicide. There is no normality, because the virus is circulating and it can be contained, but not controlled ”.

Angry at this definition, Anello stressed: “What goes through the heads of some political leaders? Normalcy will re-exist once the pandemic emerges. We are all going back to our lives, whether they like it or not. Every day I believe that we are being subjected to a political and not a health issue. I ask: how is this that many ask to return to normality, normality no longer exists? what does it mean? Today there is no normality! Today we are in a pandemic, today we have some drawbacks and we have to respect the health protocols of the national state. For how long? Do we have prisoners? Are we hostages What is the context? ”

He also emphasized the statement that President Alberto Fernández made from Tucumán in the last hours, where he said: “Quarantining is not a sacrifice, because it is not a sacrifice that we take care of ourselves. Sacrifice is that they make us suffer. ”

“Quarantining is not a sacrifice, said the President of the Argentine Republic. Is not quarantining a sacrifice? I think it is a sacrifice to quarantine. It is an economic, social sacrifice! Do you think there are people who are not going to have psychological problems or hunger? Do you think that there are not going to be people who are going to die from psychological problems and hunger problems? Are they going to count as the coronavirus count? “Anello refuted.

There, his program partner Federico Bulos interrupted him: “There will be more people who die of coronavirus if there is no quarantine. The experts tell me, the infectologists, the scientists who advise the government. ”

“Can I give you a piece of information? In Wuhan It was where the coronavirus started. Do you know when the quarantine started? January 23. Do you know when I’m done? April 8. It lasted 76 days. They stopped 76 days, they prevented a certain number of people from dying, some say they caught her late, but do you know what they did? In 76 days they almost finished with the coronavirus. Do you know how much June 8 will be when the quarantine ends? 82 days, and on June 8 we are at the peak … “, compared with the Asian city that is indicated as the focus where the process of Covid-19 infections began and that in the last hours recorded a drop in asymptomatic cases after performing a million tests.

Anello, who also questioned the criticisms made by the province of Buenos Aires to some decisions that the City of Buenos Aires made in the midst of the pandemic, expressed a series of “fears” by the time compulsory confinement ends.

After defining himself as “Peronist” and clarifying that he has “three companies”, he expressed his concern at the statements of the pro-government deputy Fernanda Vallejos, who proposed that the State keep a stake in the companies it assists with the Assistance Program to Work and Production (ATP).

“One of the many things that is said is, well, if you can’t pay it because the company doesn’t recover, don’t worry, you give me a percentage of your shares. Then they realized that they screwed up and someone called on the phone and they said che, they screwed up. Also what they said is if they cannot pay me the ATP they will not be able to have dividends for the members for two years. So companies for two years are not going to be able to earn money and they are not going to be able to distribute the money if they win. This is a project of the deputy Fernanda Vallejos, a deputy very close to Kirchnerism, “he assured.

The rapporteur also noted the problems that some companies have to buy supplies abroad after receiving the ATP: “To that person who is closed today and whose activity is to bring a service from abroad, tomorrow they say ‘open.’ Done, perfect. I’m going to look for the service outside. I received the ATP: you can’t buy dollars. And how do I pay? Go buy dollars outside on the street. Instead of having a dollar at 70 pesos, you are going to have a dollar at 130. Don’t you think that here is an intention to bankrupt some companies? That they disappear and everything is nationalized? Am I so far-fetched in my thinking? Am I so crazy? Is it wrong for me to be afraid of all this?

In another order of complaints, he also expressed: “Do you know what I am afraid of? That tomorrow I want to get on a plane and go on vacation because I work and I want to go outside, and they tell me: ‘No teacher, you have to stay here, you cannot travel,’ ”he clarified.

There an intense debate was generated with his partner Bulos, one of the most active at the table, who clarified that “Today is not a priority to travel”, something that Anello did not let pass: “Why? Who tells you that for me it is not a priority if I want to go on vacation outside? Because I couldn’t tomorrow when the quarantine comes out, take a plane and go outside. ”

“Because you had a fucking world situation that prevents you!”Bulos said briskly. “But are they going to prevent me from living?” Anello asked. After the clarification of the sports journalist who set September as a deadline, Anello returned to the fray: “So we are going to be half a year, 200 or so days locked up at home?”.

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