The G20 commits to making the coronavirus vaccine universal

The G20 commits to making the coronavirus vaccine universal
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Mikel Ayestaran

The pandemic forced the G20 to be held in a possible way and the pandemic was the central theme of the summit chaired by Saudi Arabia and which concluded with the commitment that the vaccine should be universal. After 48 hours of digital diplomacy, the world’s twenty-largest economies agreed to “continue working together to face the challenge of covid-19 to exclude lives and livelihoods, and protect the most vulnerable groups,” according to the closing message learned by King Salman bin Abdelaziz. The final document is more of a proclamation of good intentions than a roadmap with concrete measures. The two essential themes are the shortage of get the vaccine universal and to coordinate a tactic to make the recovery from the worst economic recession in decades “inclusive and sustainable.”

According to the final document, the G20 countries give “categorical support” to the full dissemination of vaccines against the disease and pledge to support ‘fair and affordable entry’ for all. The league considers that controlling the spread of the virus, which already exceeds 57 million infected and 1.3 million deaths, is “essential to sustain the global economic recovery.” This commitment is reflected in the support of the devices coordinated by the World Health Organization (WHO), such as Covax. This is the WHO initiative whereby upper and middle-income countries can finance the poorest to receive vaccines. Those responsible for Covax need 23.6 billion euros, of which 3.5 billion euros should be achieved before the end of the year so that they can fulfill their representation.

The league further pledged to “raid the remaining global financial deposits,” without providing any details. The only concrete internal aspect of the economic recovery was the announcement that the Debt Service Suspension Initiative (DSSI) will be implemented, “including its extension until June 2021,” as the final document stated. 29 of the world’s most favored countries already benefit from this mechanism. From the videoconference that was held in March to this weekend, the G20 has injected 17.7 billion euros to mitigate the impact on the global flow of the pandemic.

Climate change and degree

On the second and last excursion to the summit there was also time to analyze the impact of climate change, “One of the most urgent challenges of our time”, according to the text apt for the twentieth. All eyes were on Donald Trump, who the day before intervened in a testimonial way and abandoned the video conference on the pandemic because he had to compete in golf. Trump once again criticized the Paris Agreement, from which the United States withdrew in 2019, because “it was not designed to exclude the environment, it was designed to kill the American flow.” At the opposite pole was his Chinese counterpart and rival, Xi Jinping, who called for “the full and effective implementation” of this same agreement and reiterated that “China will fulfill its commitments” to shorten its peak of CO2 emissions by 2030 and be a carbon neutral country by 2060.

Yesterday after the closing of the summit, Riyadh proposed to change the format of the G20 so that from now on it will be held in two different meetings, one possible in the middle of the year and another in person, at the end. King Salman passed the informant to the President of Italy, Giussepe Conte, who will hold the league presidency as of December 1. Conte received the bachelor’s degree with a message in which he underlined the importance of encouraging international cooperation and multilateralism, a direct message to those leaders who admire the dummy implanted by Donald Trump, what a complete challenge to the contrary. Multilateralism returns to the forefront of international diplomacy with the bachelor’s degree in charge of the White House.

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# G20 #commit #vaccine #coronavirus #sea #universal

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