The Galaxy Note smartphones are not coming back

Samsung, the South Korean smartphone maker, has reportedly pulled the plug on its Note phones, a series aimed at professionals. The company is now focusing on other devices, including the foldable smartphones and the Galaxy S series.

The fans of the Galaxy Note smartphones received bad news this year. The smartphone was not renewed in 2021 and according to information from the Korean media ETNews this will be the case again in 2022. This is enough to fear the worst for the range of smartphones intended for professionals.

Other smartphones have already taken over

With its integrated stylus, the Galaxy Note stood out from its little brother, the Galaxy S, when it launched in 2011. This accessory gave it a much more serious brand image. The stylus made it possible to take notes, answer emails more easily, or simply navigate the phone in a different way. It was also a way for Samsung to differentiate itself from the much more popular Galaxy S range.

But over time, the “more superficial” or “entertaining” phone gained more substance and success, and Galaxy S became the company’s flagship product while the Note lost popularity with consumers. The Galaxy S inherits many of the features of the Galaxy Note, including the stylus – which is not integrated into or included with the phone.

Samsung has not given up on the professional market, but it is no longer with the Note that it wants to remain present, but with its range of foldable phones: Galaxy Z Flip and Z Fold.

Thanks to them, the South Korean manufacturer maintains its “professional” orientation, as its foldable smartphones are closer to tablets. So it’s easier to work on it than on a traditional smartphone, at least in theory. In practice, this series of “phablets” is still a gadget, but in the coming years it could really become an essential tool for working on the go, for example.

A completed production

Production of the Galaxy Note has reportedly been replaced by that of the Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip, according to ETNews, raising fears that the business phone line-up has been exhausted.

However, the news is unofficial, and Samsung could change its mind – although a 2022 Galaxy Note is a fantasy – and relaunch this range of phones, but unfortunately this seems unlikely.

The upcoming Galaxy S (22 Ultra) should further replace the Galaxy Note, just like the manufacturer’s future foldable smartphones. Indeed, in the near future, the latest generation of smartphones could integrate a stylus, completely replacing the Galaxy Note.


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