The Gantoise wins in Ostend and returns to a point behind Antwerp

The Kustboys had however opened the mark by David Atanga (13th), but Hugo Cuypers (24th), Hyun-Seok Hong (29th) and Andrew Hjulsager (60th) allowed the Buffalos (8 points) to return to a unit of the leader, the Antwerp. Ostend remains blocked at 6 points. At the Kustboys, Yves Vanderhaeghe could not count on Tatsuhiro Sakamoto, injured in the groin, and replaced him with Theo Ndicka. Hein Vanhaezebrouck directly launched the South Korean Hong and preferred Andreas Hanche-Olsen to Joseph Okumu. This did not prevent the Buffalos from being put under pressure and having cold sweats when Robbie D’haese served at the far post Ndicka, who shot just wide (5th). The Kustboys had another big opportunity when Nick Batzner only had to push a ball that Davy Roef, the Ghent goalkeeper (8th), had put in his feet. The German however redeemed himself by serving Atanga on a set (13th).

The people of Ostend hadn’t knocked out the people of Ghent, however, and a ball from Sven Kums deflected by Anton Tanghe landed at Cuypers, who left Guillaume Hubert speechless (27th). It was not over: found at the penalty spot by Alessio Castro-Montes, Hong gave the Buffalos the lead via an acrobatic recovery (29th).

After the break, the Buffalos highlighted the shortcomings of the Ostend defense but Matisse Samoise (48th) and Cuypers (49th) did not take advantage of it. On the other hand, Hjulsager parried a movement launched by Vadis Odjidja, who had entered the game (60th). In an attempt to get his team to play higher, Vanderhaeghe decided to line up two attackers by leaving Kenny Rocha in order to associate Makhtar Gueye with Thierry Ambrose (70th). This initiative will not have changed much. Indeed, the Buffalos flirted more with the goal, especially when a shot from Odjidja hit the post (75th) and when launched in depth, Cuypers lost his duel against Hubert (84th).

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