The Generalitat approves the last tranche of 50 million of the Resist plan

A total of 167 municipalities adhere to the Plan Resistir in 72 hours

The president of the Generalitat, Ximo Puig, announced yesterday that the plenary session of the Consell will approve tomorrow the regulation of a line amounting to 50 million euros in participatory loans from the Valencian Institute of Finance (IVF) for companies with economic difficulties, which will allow activate the last of the financial measures that make up the Resistir Plan, endowed globally with around 400 million euros and aimed at the sectors most affected by the pandemic.

This fund is intended for companies with a limited economic-financial situation. Specifically, to businesses that have insufficient own resources. The loans that can be requested range between 25,000 and 800,000 euros and will also include, like the subsidized loans, a non-refundable tranche of up to 30%. The grace period increases to two years and the refund period to 15 years.

Regarding the subsidized loans, launched at the end of January, the president announced that more than 2,400 applications have already been registered, of which 183 files have been favorably resolved. Thus, 158 companies have already received confirmation of the approval of loans for a value of 10.1 million euros, while the remaining 25, with applications for a value of 4.2 million, have been approved conditional on the beneficiaries clarifying whether are or are not up to date with the payment of debts with the administration prior to 2019.

According to Puig, it is sought that “no company that was viable in 2019 stops having it now” due to the reduction in activity caused by the pandemic and that “no job is lost” as long as a “joint effort” can be made .


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