The Genesis G70 car sedans will register in the car parks of the shopping centers – Autoreview


As you know, any car rented in the car sharing service can only be left in the open parking lots. Which is logical: the car parks "behind the barrier" have owners who simply will not leave the car outside the parking lot without paying – even if it has just been rented. However, visitors and residents of car-sharing business centers are a tasty target audience, especially when it comes to premium segment vehicles. Hyundai together with the operator Yandex.Drive has taken the conflict of interest: in December, the tenants of the Genesis G70 sedans will be able to leave their cars in the closed parking lots of some malls for free.

Five Moscow sites are involved in the first phase of the project: these are the red October business centers, Novospassky, Krasnaya Roza, the Artplay Design Center and the territory of the Moscow city complex. On their parking areas, Yandex.Drayva has separate areas, where guaranteed seats will be available. The service staff coordinates the occupation of these areas so that there are always vacant parking lots and free cars. Fortunately, there is no shortage of cars: since August, 300 Genesis G70 sedans have worked at Yandex.Drive (by the way, from the end of October, 520 "seventy" were sold in Russia).

In case of misunderstanding with the parking management in the designated areas of the shopping centers, there are always representatives of the company. If necessary, they will help customers, tell the car or even organize a driving test at the dealer.

Judging from the scope, the new company of Hyundai and Yandex is quite expensive, but the financial side of the problem is still held in the strictest confidence. The effectiveness of the company's project will be estimated at the end of December, after which it can be continued on an ongoing basis and even expanded geographically.



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