Technology the german brand is driving the web crazy with...

the german brand is driving the web crazy with its sneakers and fashion accessories! Already out of stock!

Who would have thought that Lidl, one of the most famous food brands in the world, would have entered the world of mode, with so much success? No one would probably have bet, not even the brand’s executives. Nevertheless it is the case: this summer, Lidl decided to launch a model of sneakers, and the effects of this release were completely unexpected. The pairs of sneakers were simply ripped off, and they are no longer found in a large number of stores. Incredible but true !

Sneakers in the brand’s colors

The colors are not, however, among the most sober, since they are like the famous Lidl logo. Thus, for this pair of sneakers, the brand’s designers have opted for blue, yellow, a touch of red, as well as a white sole, for an ultra colorful model, rather fun for the summer, but probably not. simple to match with a chic outfit. Regardless, that didn’t stop buyers, who came in droves to afford this pair of Lidl sneakers, which literally created a buzz everywhere they were offered.

What price for this pair of Lidl sneakers?

The price has probably cracked buyers too, since the sneakers are only priced at € 12.99, which shows no need to offer sneakers at € 400 to get into the trend!

The most astonishing is probably the strong enthusiasm that this model has just caused. Besides a pair of sneakers at € 12.99, this is a real investment. If speculation around sneakers is not new, it would be hard to imagine that the model of the low-cost food brand could generate such a surge. On Ebay, some pairs are trading in the $ 1300, which is quite a profit. The price is simply multiplied by 100, for all collectors who will want to indulge themselves, and who did not have the opportunity to go to Lidl to buy a pair at the time of launch.

You should know that only Belgium and the Netherlands had the opportunity to find the famous basketball in Lidl colors, and only 2000 pairs were offered for sale.

The stars have set their sights there

Just as it is the case when big brands launch a new model of trendy shoes, the stars have also validated the Lidl model, which can also explain all this success. In particular, rapper Booba, or footballer Djibril Cisse immediately expressed their desire to own one or two pairs of these Lidl sneakers, which must have contributed to this incredible buzz in our neighboring countries.

Will they be available in France?

It is not yet known whether these sneakers will be available in France, however, a new order has been placed. In view of this incredible success, the leaders decided to have a new series of this famous model manufactured, already in the annals.

But won’t that have the effect of reducing the rarity of this legendary pair of sneakers at € 12.99? This is what we will see in a few months or weeks, when the shelves are once again full of these colorful sneakers.

Ikea the Swedish giant, he too follows this fashion and launches his product collection.


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