The German Conservative Union CDU / CSU has reduced the lead of the Social Democrats

According to this survey, the German Social Democrats should get 26 percent of the vote and the CDU / CSU 25 percent. The Greens could win 16 percent of the vote, the Liberal FDP 10.5 percent, the Alternative for Germany (AfD) ten percent. The post-communist Left is losing. She should only get into parliament with “scratched ears”. The poll attributes it to five percent, which is the limit needed to enter the Bundestag.

If this scenario were fulfilled, the dream of an SPD-Greens-Left coalition would fade, notes the daily Bild. The leader of the Social Democrats never ruled out that he could rule with the Greens and the post-communists. The CDU / CSU is strongly opposed to such a left-wing government.

The trend of catching up to the favorites was also confirmed by a survey on ZDF television. She said on Thursday that CDU / CSU leader Armin Laschet was only two percentage points behind Social Democrat Olaf Scholz.

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