The German Government opens the battle against illegal immigrants with a law to facilitate deportations

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Germany has given a twist to illegal immigration with the approval today in the Council of Ministers of a package of measures that will accelerate deportations, one of the problems that the country has been facing for decades due to the lack of consensus between the parties. conservatives, the rise of the left with the Greens at the helm and the pro-asylum organizations. The massive arrival of refugees as a result of the war in Ukraine and of illegal immigrants has, however, forced the consensus requested by city councils, overwhelmed with their social benefits.

As of June 30, a total of 279,098 people in Germany were forced to leave the country, but only a part of them is potentially threatened with deportation, since the majority, specifically 224,768, have the status of “tolerated”, that is, they are not They may be expelled because they do not have identity documents, they are very sick and therefore cannot travel, or if there is a ban on deportation due to the security situation in their country of origin.

In practice, two out of every three deportations fail. The reasons are, for example, that the persons concerned cannot be found or are resisting, or also that a pilot or an airline company refuses to transport the deported person. Between January and June of this year, according to data from the left-wing parliamentary group, there were 7,861 deportations from Germany. In the same period last year, there were 6,198 deportations.

With this new package of measures, still pending approval by the Bundestag, The federal government hopes to increase the number of deportations in the short term from nearly 50,000 people without the right to remain in the country. To this end, the Ministry of the Interior proposed numerous changes that affect the practice of deportation: for example, detention pending deportation will be extended from the current maximum of ten days to four weeks to give the authorities more time to organize the deportation.

Persons whose deportation is imminent may be detained by court order if they can be expected to hinder or prevent their deportation by resorting to legal stratagems or simply by changing their address. The rule will give more powers to the police to search collective accommodation without prior notice and detainees will not be notified of deportation. Furthermore, the one-month notice requirement for deportations after a tolerance period of at least one year should be abolished. Exceptions are made for families with children under 12 years of age.

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