The Germans need that much data volume

Data consumption increases

With O2 alone, the data volume rises to a new record level.

(Photo: AP)

Dusseldorf In 2019, more data was used in German mobile networks than ever before. Telefónica broke the limit of one exabyte in the O2 network on Thursday for the first time – this corresponds to one billion gigabytes. The competitors Telekom and Vodafone according to its own account never reached.

If a single person were to use up this amount of data, they could, for example, stream music for 1.5 million years. In 2018, data consumption in the O2 network was still 662 million gigabytes.

The Deutsche Telekom with 900 million gigabytes of data consumption in the past twelve months is slightly behind its Munich competitor, as can be seen from a graphic by the Bonn group. Vodafone users, however, used around 770 million gigabytes in the mobile network.

On average, that is about as much per day as it would take to serialize almost 90,000 years with a smartphone Netflix to stream, a spokesman said. Compared to the previous year, the increase was 40 percent.

The figures from Telefónica also show how the consumption of data volume by the individual user has changed. In 2017, an O2 user still needed an average of 3.8 gigabytes a month, a year later it was 4.4 gigabytes and last year even 6 gigabytes a month.

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