Sport The gesture unheard of Leo Messi in memory of...

The gesture unheard of Leo Messi in memory of George Floyd

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Lionel Messi gestures with his right hand during the match between Betis and FC Barcelona for The League 2019/20.

The disturbing escalation of acts of a racist in the united States, with the assassination of George Floyd at the hands of the police as the main and more recent banner of protest, leads to repudiation at a global level. For this reason, we launched the campaign #BlackOutTuesday (Black Tuesday, in Spanish), and social networks explode with postings related to this string virtual.

And under that motto, which is already viral, the world of sport has supported the initiative by the appearances of big stars. Footballers, basketball players and tennis playersamong other disciplines, they raise their voice against the racism and demanding that the discrimination cease in all the world.

One of the examples most resonant passes by Lionel Messi, who days ago had been in the news for “disappearing” of Instagram for a few hours. And this time something similar occurs. Leo “turned off” their social network through the publication of a photo completely dark, which was selected to form part of the massive gesture in memory of George Floyd.

If you talk about solidarity and exemplary gestures, Leo Messi is always one of the first to be distinguished by his humility and dedication.

Emotional letter from Lewis Hamilton

In the meantime, the british pilot Lewis Hamilton you chose to comment more than “The Flea” and made public their feelings in the face of violence unusual that you live day after day in the united States. The past week has been very dark. I have not been able to maintain my emotions. I sense so much anger, sadness and disbelief at what my eyes have seen“, acknowledges the multi-champion of the Formula 1 in your account of Instagram.

The injustice that we are seeing face to our brothers and sisters around the world time and time again is disgusting and SHOULD be stopped“ demands Hamilton, current exponent of Mercedes.

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This past week has been so dark. I have failed to keep hold of my emotions. I have felt so much anger, sadness and disbelief in what my eyes have seen. I am completely overcome with rage at the sight of such blatant disregard for the lives of our people. The injustice that we are seeing our brothers and sisters face all over the world time and time again is disgusting, and MUST stop. So many people seem surprised, but to us unfortunately, it is not surprising. Those of us who are black, brown or in between, see it everyday and should not have to feel as though we were born guilty, don’t belong, or fear for our lives based on the colour of our skin. Will Smith said it best, racism is not getting worse, it’s being filmed. Only now that the world is so well equipped with cameras have this issue been able to come to light in such a big way. It is only when there are riots and screams for justice that the powers that be cave in and do something, but by then it is far too late and not enough has been done. It took hundreds of thousands of peoples complaints and buildings to burn before officials reacted and decided to arrest Derek Chauvin for murder, and that is sad. Unfortunately, America is not the only place where racism lives and we continue to fail as humans when we cannot stand up for what is right. Please do not sit in silence, no matter the colour of your skin. Black Lives Matter. #blackouttuesday ✊🏽

A post shared by Lewis Hamilton (@lewishamilton) on Jun 2, 2020 at 9:45am PDT

Finally, he underlines: “Unfortunately, the united States is not the only place where lives the racism, and continue to fail as humans when we can not defend what is right. Don’t be left in silence, no matter the color of your skin“.

Sport, united against racism

But Messi and Hamilton were not the only athletes or exatletas to express their total rejection of the racism that lives in the united States and other parts of the world.

From the NBA star LeBron Jamesthe exboxeador Mike Tyson and the exvelocista Usain Bolt, passing by the Serbian tennis player Novak Djokovic and the brazilian footballer Neymarthe most important surnames of different disciplines said “present” at the tribute to George Floyd, who was killed by “asphyxiation”, as confirmed by the autopsy, which caused a police of Minneapolis with his knee during an arrest on the public highway.

Stephen Curry, Michael Phelps and Floyd Mayweatheramong hundreds of other cases, also used his account of Instagram to speak out against racial discrimination in the world.

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