The getto, the natural anti-aging straight from Japan

(ETX Daily Up) – A true elixir of youth. It is in these terms that the getto is generally presented – which is also found in the form géto or gettō – a plant straight from Japan which would increase life expectancy. The ingredient, which is used in the composition of many traditional dishes and drinks, is now used in our cosmetics, prized for its anti-aging properties.

In a perpetual quest for new anti-aging active ingredients, cosmetics brands could have got their hands on a miracle ingredient, which the Japanese have known for centuries. The Alpinia zerumbet plant, which has a multitude of nicknames (“shell ginger”, “flower of paradise”, and therefore getto), is said to have anti-aging properties when consumed, but also when applied to the skin.

whats up?

The getto is a plant with large green leaves, also provided with white flowers and red berries, which is found in particular on the island of Okinawa, in the south-west of Japan. A place known for the long life expectancy of its inhabitants and the consequent number of its centenarians. One thing that would be the result of a healthy diet, genetic factors, but also the consumption of… getto.

Interest in the plant is such that Shinkichi Tawada, a professor of agronomy at the Ryūkyū University of Nishihara (Okinawa), studied it for no less than 20 years. Along with other researchers, he gave getto to a group of demotodes, a species of worm whose life expectancy is estimated at around a month, while a second group was deprived of it. As a result, the scientists observed a 22.6% increase in the lifespan of the former compared to the latter.

What benefits for the skin?

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On the island of Okinawa, getto is consumed in the form of herbal teas, but it is also found in certain traditional dishes, as well as in beauty waters and oils which, according to the women of the archipelago, would help fight against wrinkles. It is therefore not surprising to learn that brands today offer getto-based cosmetics to combat the signs of aging.

From the leaves to the root, everything is good in the getto. And the plant is particularly known to be full of resveratrol, which is also found in grapes, packed with antioxidants that help slow skin aging. Who says cosmetics formulated from getto, therefore says real makeover.

The Bijin brand has made getto one of its signature ingredients, which can be found in several of its treatments such as the “Rejuvenating Getto Body Care Balm” or the “Youth Face Concentrate”. But the plant is also present at Cinq Mondes, which offers a specific range with “Géto Suprême Le Contour Yeux et Lèvres” and “Géto Suprême La Crème”. Two products used for some of the treatments offered in Cinq Mondes spas, including the ritual “Ko Bi Do“, a kind of ancestral natural facelift also straight from Japan.

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