The girl invites the wrong girl to the dance. VIDEO


Nevada.- A teenager from Nevada got his 15 minutes of fame on social media after his friend captured a video of him and asked for the wrong girl who attended the danceand then it became viral on Twitter.

Austin Mousa, 17, is a third year student at Coronado High School in Henderson, Nevada, who already knew exactly who he wanted bring the next dance of the school.

But when he decided to run the petition he had planned with a box of donuts and his friend, Johnny Pashales, by his side to capture the moment, he didn't go as planned.

Instead, Mousa soon realized that he wasn't sure where his hopeful date was, Hannah Maslak, and surprised another girl when she reached her door. "While we were walking towards the house, I asked [Pashales] to take his phone and record it on the video.

When I knocked on the door, the girl who opened it was not Hannah, "says Mousa to Yahoo Lifestyle." In the beginning, I thought he was his cousin or friend, but then I immediately realized we had gone to wrong house. "

In an attempt to capture what must have been a successful promotion, Pashales captured the flaw in a video, which was later published on Mousa's Twitter and has since been viewed more than 2 million times.

"Oh, my God," hear the girl opening the door before Mousa turns to accuse her friend of choosing the wrong house. "Johnny was dying of laughter as I felt embarrassed and shocked by what had happened," explains Mousa.

Still, Mousa says he apologized to the girl, who is also a student at Coronado High School, and explained how horrible it was.

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