The girls, who are 12-year-old Scott made a login with the chocolate, and floral | Interior

“They were standing in front of the door. My daughter opened the door, and was startled at first, but then with the girls and talk,” says the mother of a teenager, in the guardian. “They expressed a lot of regret, remorse, and regret. In addition to his harsh words in some cases. My husband has been very clear about the fact that their behavior can’t. They are said not to have realised that it was so extreme it was.” The mothers of the two girls were to be present at the meeting.

According to them, the event would not be filmed, and where the father is the father of Scott is so afraid of, but they were FaceTimen. The tax return at the end of the course. “They’re underage, and we have mutually agreed to not go to the police.” A spokesman for the police department to let you know, still with the victims and the perpetrators in conversation.

Scott is now being inundated with statements of support. “She has been greatly indulged by all around him. That is a very, very, very good. And at the end they no longer have to be afraid if the girls ever have to face.”

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