The Girona anti-fascist platform will investigate legal actions against the Mossos for yesterday's police charges


The Girona Antifascist Platform has announced that it is investigating what legal action can be taken against the Mossos because they believe that during the police bureaus in Plaça d & # 39; Octubre of Girona, they exercised "indiscriminate, free and disproportionate violence" and it is committed "a dozen irregularities and excesses by the agents".

The lawyer of the boy detained yesterday, Benet Salellas, has accused the Mossos of having committed "an act of torture live" because he believes that "public officials have injured the citizens as punishment or retaliation for having participated in an act against VOX ". And they believe that the agents of the mobile brigade have received political slogans from the Department of the Interior or from the police department.

"No one can understand that what happened yesterday was an accident or a single agent that got out of hand, that's not what we saw in the pictures, it's the police commanders and the adviser who gives orders and instructions to the agents, and there is no reason to doubt that the police action has responded to a political slogan because this mobile brigade acts repeatedly in this way ", said Salellas also said that Mossos wrote" false police raids ".

This is the case, according to him, of the statement that includes the arrest of a boy, Ricard, during yesterday's police charges. According to the version of Mossos, the young man would have thrown "a big stone" against the agents, but as he explained, it is "lie".

"I did not throw anything against the agents," said Ricard, who reported the time of the arrest: "Suddenly I saw that they chased me, they immobilized me and several agents began to hit me, I they dragged, handcuffed and then took me to the commissioner. "He also reported that he requested medical assistance and did not arrive until" five hours after my arrest ".

As for the Mossos accusations, Ricard and his lawyer Benet Salellas assured that they have images that see different agents facing the boy "and in no case was it justified by the containment or security of the agents".

In fact, neither the antifascist platform nor the lawyer believe that tampering justifies police violence: "The first charges occurred after 9 am when there was no Vox demonstrator. And if they consider that removing the police tanks is a criminal activity, identifying those responsible, holding them and passing them to justice, but under no circumstances justifies police violence ".

Destruction of Buch and the mobile brigade

The entity has also compiled a "series of irregularities and excesses" that, from his point of view, the Mossos exercised during yesterday's accusations in Girona. The platform spokesperson, Miquel Toll, has reported that most agents "have not been identified either in front or behind, have given many times the waistline – which is not a regulation – they used extensible pores – that cause an evil much more damaging – and they showed a null dialogue with the anti-fascists when they were shot directly with the fascists ".

For all this, the platform has asked President Quim Torra "to dismiss Interior Minister Miquel Buch and the entire Mossos mobile brigade" because they believe that every time the BRIMO acts "people end up hospitalized".


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