The GIT will be the premiere of the international project ‘Sufficient Distance’

On January 16, the premiere of the dance company “Nuepiko” and Kaunas City Chamber Theater for the work “Sufficient Distance” at the Gertrudes Street Theater (GIT).

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According to the representatives of GIT, with this premiere, the artists end their week-long residency at the Gertrudes Street Theater.

“The bond and the gap, the attachment and the liberation, the approaching and the increasing distance are the dichotomies that accompany a person’s whole life. , re – creating people ‘s ties and tiringly creating hopes, “the story of its production is outlined by its creators.

“Sufficient distance” is a touching dialogue between two bodies and personalities about what makes our world constantly rotate: directness and dissociation, dependence and liberation, an all-encompassing duality where communication is not possible without distance, but communication gives birth to distance. The show invites the audience to the space of self-reflection, not offering ready-made answers, but raising the question of how to maintain a distance that helps to create, rather than destroys our mutual relations in the time of intense social noise.

The performance is part of the education program for young producers, which is implemented by the Kaunas City Chamber Theater and the winner of the youth theater festival “Exit point” in 2020.

The show features choreographers, dancers: Arūnas Mozūraitis and Adrian Carlo Bibiano. Music of the performance – Andrius Stakelė, lighting artist – Monika Šerstabojevaitė

In Lithuania, at the Kaunas City Chamber Theater, the production will premiere on January 20.

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