The Global South, with the support of Guterres, raises the voltage ahead of the United Nations General Assembly

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The G-77+China Summit, which closed this Saturday in Havana, was a kind of dress rehearsal for what is intended to be a coordinated action by several countries at the United Nations (UN) General Assembly next week. All, in the presence and in many aspects the support of the organization’s secretary general, the Portuguese Antonio Guterres.

“At the moment the voice of On Global It is essential to carry out the necessary profound reforms in the international financial architecture.. We have institutions that were created after World War II. “Many of the countries that are here did not exist at that time and did not have a voice,” Guterres said in an interview with Latin Pressthe official news agency of the Cuban regime.

The Summit led by the Cuban president, Miguel Díaz-Canel, had as its motto Science, technology and innovation at the service of developmentsomething that Guterres, former head of the Portuguese Government, considers extremely important.

“If we look at the digital divide, in northern countries everyone has access to the Internet, while in southern countries there are many people who do not have it. In the case of vaccines (against Covid), innovation technology was in the Great North and the vaccines were not distributed equally throughout the world. When we see Artificial Intelligence, the investment is concentrated in a small group of countries, especially those in the north, and the very important benefits that can exiting science and technology in these areas can dramatically increase inequalities,” added the UN Secretary General.

Anti-imperialist rhetoric abounded at the Summit, in a revival of the years of the Non-Aligned Movement, with the paradox of a country of imperial ambitions, China, as a special guest. The representative of Burkina Faso, for example, ended his speech with “Homeland or Death, we will win!”

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