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As of Monday, November 22, covid-19 tests will not be recognized as a covid certificate, according to the cabinet’s decision. When entering service establishments, mass events or gastronomic or accommodation establishments, people will have to prove themselves by a complete vaccination against covid-19 or by having the disease in the last six months.

Members of the government make no secret of trying to persuade other people to get vaccinated. Adam Vojtěch, Minister of Health in resignation (for YES), spoke about it on Thursday, and Babiš on Friday. “Vaccination is to prevent hospitals from being overwhelmed,” he said.

Only unvaccinated children under the age of 18 (under 12 years of age do not have to prove anything) and people who cannot be vaccinated due to their health will continue to be able to detect the PCR test. However, they will have to be listed in the cover certificate that they have an exception. “Unfortunately, it happened to us that people had written reports, it was impossible to verify whether the report was authentic,” Vojtech remarked.

According to him, there is no need to declare a state of emergency for the current measures in the Czech Republic. This would be necessary if the government restricted the free movement of people, for example, says the minister. According to him, this also follows from consultations with departmental lawyers.

According to the Minister of Industry and Trade in resignation Karel Havlíček (YES), the capacities for PCR testing in the Czech Republic are sufficient. “The capacity of PCR tests is constantly expanding. There will probably not be such a demand for them now, because we are pushing for vaccination in our proposed regime. The goal is to get people vaccinated as much as possible. “

“It simply came to our notice then. And they are comparable to the procedure of Germany and other countries, “Havlíček said in the program Události, komentáře. The Minister also drew attention to the comparison of the course of the epidemic in Ireland and the Czech Republic.

“The numbers of those who have the infection are about the same, but the numbers in hospitals are four and a half times smaller,” he said, adding that the most important thing was to monitor the number of hospitalized and increase vaccination coverage.

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The resigned cabinet also approved the continuation of comprehensive testing in schools. “The government has decided on regular comprehensive testing in primary and secondary schools. It will take place every Monday, “the Minister of Education in resignation Robert Plaga (for YES) announced on Twitter.

According to the Minister of Health in resignation, the new measure will take effect from 6 December and will build on the previously approved two waves of area testing on 22 and 29 November. “Now, from next week, screening testing in schools will take place in basically the same conditions (as before),” said Vojtěch. He said on Thursday that the state will provide antigen tests for schools and vaccinations will not be tested.

On Wednesday, Chief Hygienist Pavla Svrčinová said that area testing did not have a sufficient effect, which is evident in countries such as Austria or some German Länder, where it did not affect the spread of the disease. Therefore, according to her, after two rounds of testing on November 22 and November 29, it should not have continued. She proposed testing only in outbreaks, as decided by the regional hygienic stations.

Testing in companies

The covid-19 will also be tested in companies from next week. According to the Minister of Health, employers must test unvaccinated workers once a week from Monday, and they must undergo tests. This also applies to self-employed persons. Employees working from home or those who are not in contact with colleagues or customers during working hours will not be tested.

Businesses will be able to use antigen tests for testing, including self-test kits, and the state will contribute 60 crowns per person. It will not be mandatory to test on Monday, but all employers will need to have completed the first round by November 29.

According to the Minister of Industry and Trade Karel Havlíček (YES), the companies are ready for testing, some of them tested continuously. According to him, there is no problem with a lack of tests. Distributors currently have three million in stock, which according to Havlíček should be enough for 14 days. According to Vít Jásk, the executive director of the Union of Employers’ Unions, in fact, the tests are already missing. “They are not available at the moment,” he pointed out. In addition, according to him, 60 crowns is not enough to buy.

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Comprehensive testing only applies to unvaccinated employees who have not had a covid-19 in the last six months. It will not apply to those vaccinated over the age of 60, members of the government said on Thursday. For this reason, the cabinet was criticized by the head of the unions, Josef Středula. “Even the unvaccinated can be a carrier, he can also get sick, so I think this lacks logic. But the worst thing is chaos, “he stressed.

“I don’t think the capacity for PCR tests is sufficient. All this logistics is very bad in many places. People often find out the result after forty-eight hours, “said Roman Kraus (ODS), chairman of the Senate Committee on Health. In the program Events, Comments. A member of the so-called anticovid team of the future government stressed that, according to him, vaccinated people should also be tested in companies.

The outgoing prime minister expects the new anti-epidemic measures to take effect by the end of February. He said that the Czechia would not take such strict measures as Austria, which would launch a blanket closure from Monday, and would also introduce compulsory vaccination for all residents from 1 February. Restrictions will also apply to the vaccinated; so far, restrictions have only applied to the unvaccinated in the country.

The minister in resignation, Havlíček, will still discuss compensation for companies. “Companies will be able to choose from three programs that already work. The more companies we let in, the less support will be, but we will discuss it further, “he announced, adding that the exact form of compensation and benefits for companies and entrepreneurs will be specified by the government.

On a business trip with a PCR test

Vojtěch also announced that unvaccinated people on a business trip, traveling to see a doctor or in another necessary case will be able to prove themselves in the accommodation services even after the measures are tightened by a PCR test.

On Thursday, the government called on the Association of Hotels and Restaurants of the Czech Republic (AHR) to grant an exemption for people on business trips. According to her, if people traveling for work could not be accommodated, it would cripple the activities of companies.

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In the case of holidays, hotels and guesthouses will be available from Monday only to people with completed vaccinations or those who have suffered from covid-19 in the last six months. Exceptions will also be granted to children under the age of 12, children and young people under the age of 18 will be able to prove themselves by PCR, as will, for example, people after the first dose of vaccination or the second, the application of which has not yet taken place within 14 days.


At the same time, the government approved proposals to introduce a crisis nursing allowance of 80 percent of the earnings base, as well as a contribution of up to 370 crowns per day to compensate for wages or salaries for quarantined people. This was announced by the Minister of Labor in resignation, Jana Maláčová (ČSSD) on Twitter. In order for the amendments to come into force, they must still be adopted by the Chamber of Deputies and the Senate and signed by the President.

“We approved the crisis nursing home and the Isolator at the government. It is necessary to discuss both in a legislative emergency so that everything will come into force as soon as possible, “the minister said. According to the proposal, both aids should be paid back from November.

Work from home

The authorities should make the most of work from home due to the epidemic, the prime minister resigned after the cabinet meeting. The ministers supported the recommendation of the Deputy Minister for the Civil Service Petr Hůrka, which also contains further instructions on how the authorities should work with regard to the epidemic situation.

Babiš said the recommendation copies the same document that the government supported last September. At that time, Hůrka recommended that officials in the workplace, with the exception of their own closed offices, stay exclusively with covered airways.

Due to the threat of illness, the authorities should also prefer electronic or telephone contact and electronic forms over paper ones, and it was recommended to install a counter in places intended for public relations.


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