The Government approves three new permits to care for sick children and relatives and to reconcile periods without ‘school’ one month before the elections

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He Minister council has approved this Tuesday three new permits to care for children or close relatives and to reconcile the periods without school classes that were included in the Family Law but that they had not been able to see the light until now because of the advance of the elections, since this caused the processing of the bill to decline before its final approval.

It has now been through royal decree law on anti-crisis measures where the Government has carried out these initiatives for reconciliation that have been promoted by the Ministry of Social Rights, headed by Ione Belarra. Thanks to this mechanism, the permits will take effect immediately when they are published on Wednesday in the BOE.

The first of these permissions is five days a year and will be paid. It can be used in case of accident or serious illness, hospitalization or surgical intervention without hospitalization that requires rest when it affects a relative of up to the second degree or a person with whom one lives.

The second is a leave “due to force majeure”. It can be used for hours and can reach up to a total of four days a year for each worker before “urgent family reasons” and will be paid. Practical cases in which it could be used: if a father or mother is sick and they have to go to the doctor or if a child gets sick and one of the parents needs to stay home to take care of them.

The third, that is not paidit’s a parent permission which can last up to eight weeks a year. It can be enjoyed continuously or discontinuously, full or part time, until the child is 8 years old. It is designed, for example, to provide a solution for parents to deal with the adaptation periods in nurseries and schools or for the periods without classes like the summer months or Christmas.

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