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The Government backed down with the idea of ​​having private hospital resources

The meeting that started at 13 with the representatives of the private sanatoriums and clinics gathered at the Association of Clinics, Sanatoriums and Private Hospitals of the Argentine Republic (ADECRA), the Civil Association of Integrated Medical Activities (ACAMI) ended at the Ministry of Health ), the Association of Private Medicine Entities (ADEMP), the Chamber of Medical Assistance Institutions of the Argentine Republic (CIMARA), the Federation of Clinics, Sanatoriums and Hospitals of the province of Buenos Aires (FECLIBA), the Argentine Confederation of Clinics , Healthcare and Hospitals (Confeclisa) and the Chamber of Health Providers (Cepsal), including union social works.

As Ginés González García had informally advanced to health entrepreneurs confirmed that there will be no DNU to dispose of the hospital resources of the private system, that the Ministry of Health will continue to act as the national health authority, but the distribution will be made by district. In other words, there will be no national centralization, which would cause a phenomenal bureaucratic funnel to respond to demands in the midst of the emergency.

Gabriel Barbagallo, from ACAMI, especially highlighted that “they added us to the opinion table, something that we had been asking for but in the first stage of the emergency there was no possibility of insisting. “” The occasion allowed us to return to this proposal and this gives us the possibility of collaborating directly, “the doctor who also told Infobae works in OSDE institutional relations.

Before entering the meeting, one of the managers consulted said that “we did not see any vocation in the highest government authorities to advance with a DNU as it was revealed in statements by Ginés González García ”. The source was also sympathetic to the need for coordination.

“It is what we are doing from day zero, it was our vocation from before the pandemic was declared and, in fact, the first cases were attended in our clinics,” he said. He added that “perhaps greater coordination is necessary and, of course, we will put all the efforts that are necessary.”

González García had said yesterday in the report he presented to the members of the Health Commission of the Chamber of Deputies that “I am evaluating the drafting of a DNU, which I think will turn out that way, so that it can be declared of interest public all health resources. We are not going to discuss property, which may be state or private, but we believe that there must be equal behavior for each Argentine. “

Near the President, however, nobody could confirm today that this has been the position of Alberto Fernández and they do not rule out that the Minister spoke in advance, before finishing evaluating the impact of the measure with the presidential team.

By the way, there is great tension in official areas by the time the spike in infections occurs, which could come in late April or early May. To this end, from different spaces of the Front of All they are bringing new ideas to show an efficient State that responds at those critical moments and everything would indicate that a group of legislators approached Health the Irish model, which for 90 days nationalized the private health system a week ago, taking care of the salaries of doctors, nurses, stretcher-bearers and administrative personnel of the hospitals.

However, no one assures that this model is practicable in Argentina and everything would indicate that the decision made will be to fine-tune coordination between the State, the provincial states and hospital resources, public and private, so that the response arrives in a timely manner when emergencies require it.

The meeting between the Minister and the private ones cleared the doubts and now, what it is about, is to strengthen confidence so that the health response reaches everyone and in time for when it is needed.

When leaving the meeting with González García, representatives of sanatoriums and private clinics met at the headquarters of the Argentine Union of Health Entities (UAS), created last year on the impulse of the President of Swiss Medical, Claudio Belocopitt.


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