The Government belittles the mobilization of the PP against the amnesty: "The social majority heard it on July 23"

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Despite the images and data – in the end, the Government Delegation estimated 40,000 assistants and the PP, more than 65.000-, in the Government they do not give the impression, at least publicly, of being disturbed by the rejection that was visible on Sunday in Madrid to the granting of an amnesty to the Catalan independentists. Those numbers They are not interested in La Moncloa. They prefer to focus on the Congress accounts: 176 seats is the majority and Alberto Núñez Feijóo only has 172. Other accounts they make: 11 million voted for PP and Vox and 12 million voted against a PP-Vox government. And these accounts work out, at least they are convinced of it. So they sit waiting for the investiture of the PP leader to fail this week, as it seems it will.

“The social majority of Spain heard it very emphatically at the polls on July 23,” is the assessment from La Moncloa of the mobilization led by the PP this Sunday. Some data, those of the last general elections, in which the Government calculates that everything that is not a vote of PP and Vox is a vote that they can add and therefore, a majority to be formed. Hence the contacts with ERC and above all togetherto reach an agreement on the amnesty that will help the seven deputies of the fugitive Carles Puigdemont to facilitate the investiture of Pedro Sánchez, when the King proposes it, if that circumstance arises.

“The important figure is not 30,000, 40,000 or 60,000, but rather having been able to forge a parliamentary majority that would make that investiture viable. More than 175 votes. As of today, Mr. Feijóo, who is the candidate, only has 172. It is in the place where it began”, has been the reflection of Isabel Rodriguezspokesperson for the Executive.

In La Moncloa they have been waiting for a month for this week to arrive so that they can openly address the negotiation and take center stage, although in reality the spotlights have always been pointing at them. The Government hopes that this week Feijóo’s inability to present a project that will gain a majority will be made visible while, they maintain in the PSOE, they have already demonstrated on a couple of occasions, with the presidency of Congress and the official status of the co-official languages, that They can exceed 176 votes.

“The Government wants Spain to stop wasting time and that we continue working for the prosperity of our country, that we have a fully functioning Government as soon as possible,” is the position defended by Isabel Rodríguez. “A candidate who presents himself with the same seats he had on the first day intends to talk about other issues, but the only thing he would have to talk about is his country project, which, having not been able to present it, does not have it.” , or to have a sufficient majority, which it does not have either.

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