The Government ignores Junqueras’ order on the amnesty: "We are at the opposite end, but dialogue prevails"

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The Government’s information lock on the PSOE negotiations with Junts and ERC is total. The reason is merely utilitarian: without discretion it would be almost impossible for Pedro Sánchez’s bloc to reach agreements. The PSOE prides itself, for example, on having protected the pact for the Congress Board, in August, thanks to the secrecy in which the contacts with the independentists took place. Hence I will continue on the same path.

However, the acting spokesperson for the Government, Isabel Rodríguez, promised this Tuesday that the Executive “will report, if the time comes, with absolute transparency on what work we will carry out to form the majority.” It is a relevant commitment because it allows us to demand that he fulfill it before the negotiations for the possible investiture of Sánchez are completed.

During the press conference after the Minister council, Rodríguez has responded to the order of Oriol Junqueras, leader of ERC, who this morning in Congress has assured that the amnesty is already part of the agreement reached with the PSOE for the formation of the Congress Board, which is why he called ” bring justice as soon as possible.” “It was already agreed upon,” he challenged.

The minister responded by putting herself in profile: “We are at the antipodes and there is a guarantee for all Spaniards: that the president has demonstrated for five years his ability to recover coexistence and dialogue and to protect the constitutional framework throughout the territory. “. “The Constitution is fulfilled throughout the territory,” he said, before adding that “there are different positions, but dialogue and harmony prevail.”

After the press conference, sources The Moncloa They have not wanted to answer if what Junqueras proposes is true, and they have appealed to discretion as a way to negotiate successfully, despite what the minister said about the promised transparency. And they ask for “tranquility”, in the face of the tension generated by the ERC leader.

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