The government launches the site to protect buyers of used vehicles


When you buy a used car, you can find the rare pearl, it exists, but it is also exposed to some risk of fraud. The government wanted to remedy this.

In launching this website, the government wanted to help people search for used vehicles.

Difficulty finding a good opportunity

It is not easy to find the rare pearl when you want to buy a used car. In fact, behind beautiful photos and presentation texts (sometimes full of spelling errors), hidden hidden vices that can not be detected by being satisfied with his eyes. Hence the disappointments and galleys that can follow a second-hand purchase.

According to a study by the Directorate General for Competition, Consumers and Fraud Control (DGCCRF) published in 2015, a purchaser of used second-hand vehicles would have suffered more seriously in the vehicle he acquired in the year. It is trying to limit the case that the government has put online a site called Histovec.

A site to make second-hand sales transparent

The principle is simple and not mandatory. If desired, the seller of a used vehicle can access Histovec with the vehicle registration document. Then it inserts various information in the database, data that ultimately constitutes a sort of public identity card of its vehicle. All this information is very useful for a potential buyer.

To find out more:

The new buyer can then access Histovec and consult the history of the vehicle that interests him and see, for example, if he has suffered serious damage in the past. A real public service site that should help many potential buyers of second-hand cars find the rare gem, as long as the sellers agree to play!


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