The Government of Castilla y León demands that Escrivá hold a meeting within 48 hours after the "disloyalty" in the transfer of immigrants

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The government of Castile and León has given a period of 48 hours to the Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security and Migration headed by José Luis Escrivá to convene a Sector Conference to analyze and be able to plan “together” the transfers of immigrants from the Canary Islands after the “disloyalty” and “obscurantism” that the lack of information has meant until now, an attitude that has been “deeply regretted and condemned.”

“We demand, we demand that this Sectoral Immigration Conference be urgently convened (…) It has to be a national priority,” specifically demanded the Minister of Family and Equal Opportunities, Isabel Blanco (PP), which has warned that, if this meeting is not called within 48 hours, the Junta de Castilla y León will demand it “in writing.”

Blanco has thus joined the demand made yesterday by the president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso, to demand this Sectorial “as soon as possible” to be able to plan together the correct care for immigrants and has assured In addition, Castilla y León has learned “after the fact” of the arrival “of some more migrants” about whom they have “not reported either”, in “the usual way of acting of the Sánchez Government”, he has reproached.

“We want to know how many migrants are going to come, we want to know how they are going to come, we want to plan the resources with them and for them to tell us what their immigration policy is,” explained the counselor of Castilla y León in that appeal to the Government of the nation to not continue being “disloyal” to the Board, “as it has been until now,” he reiterated.

Blanco has defined Castilla y León as “a welcoming land” and as an autonomous community “solidary” and “friendly” to the Canary Islands which, as he has shown, is part of the Spanish State. “Evidently, these people must be given social, health and educational care, in the event that there are minors, or guardianship, if they are unaccompanied minors, which are the responsibility of the Autonomous Community and which must be organized and which is necessary to coordinate”, he explained and specified that “the most relevant action” at the moment is health.

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