Business The Government seeks to control the bitcoin dollar

The Government seeks to control the bitcoin dollar

The Financial Information Unit (FIU) disclosed that launched an investigation aimed at collecting information son the holders of cryptocurrencies in order to “have updated data regarding these types of operations and adapt the money laundering prevention system and terrorist financing, while ordering a series of subjects and entities to report any transaction that could be considered suspicious.

Without specifying dates, the body in charge of preventing illegal financial operations, commanded by Carlos Alberto Cruzwarned that “In recent times there has been an increase in operations carried out through virtual assets” and, assuming that these transactions “could be being carried out by people who seek to circumvent international standards and avoid the preventive money laundering system “, sent a note to all the subjects obliged to report irregularities so that they reinforce the controls.

Among the subjects obliged to put the magnifying glass on eventual illicit transactions are:

  • Banks
  • Exchange houses
  • Stock traders
  • Mutual funds
  • Other entities regulated by the Central Bank
  • Insurers
  • Credit card operators
  • Flow carriers
  • Mail companies
  • Customs brokers
  • Art Galeries
  • Economic science professionals
  • NGOs receiving donations
  • Associations that regulate sports activities.

To all these people and societies, the FIU issued a “wake-up call” to them to “take extreme care regarding actions that could pose a threat to the economic and financial order of our country. “

The order comes at times when the Government aims on various fronts to deflate the parallel exchange market and to avoid at all costs the flight of currency from the financial system, in the face of the need for dollars and the pressure on the exchange rate that is exerted by people and companies that seek to get out of the peso as a savings currency.

Likewise, the FIU admitted to “collecting information from the agents involved in order to have updated data regarding this type of operation and to adapt the system of prevention of Money Laundering and Terrorism Financing in our country.”



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