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The Government sent to the Senate the project that adapts the co-participation of the City

The project seeks to establish by law of Congress the progressive transfer of functions of the Federal Police to the orbit of the City arranged four years ago between the Government of the then president Mauricio Macri and the head of government, Horacio Rodríguez Larreta and thus establish – in an equitable and fair manner – the amount that the Nation must send to the district to be able to meet the expenses to maintain the police forces, which will be incorporated into the Budget, with an annual update regime.

With the transfer agreement signed in 2016, Macri issued a decree to increase the co-participation corresponding to the City of Buenos Aires from 1.40% to 3.75% – the figure was later reduced to 3.50%, following the fiscal consensus of 2018, through a new decree-.

From the Government they argue that the increase in co-sharing funds was carried out without “any technical support” and that later, through a new decree, which “did not justify the reasonableness of the increase with respect to the expenses destined to assume”, it was established that these should be destined for the institutional functioning of public security functions in all non-matters. federal.

“The budgetary impact of the coefficients adopted in Decrees Nos. 194/16 and 257/18 does not match the real needs to comply with public security functions in all non-federal matters assumed by the AUTONOMOUS CITY OF BUENOS AIRES in the framework of the signed Agreement, resulting in even greater inequality with respect to the provinces and depriving the NATIONAL STATE of the necessary resources to be able to carry out essential policies that correct the existing structural inequalities and whose implementation becomes urgent and imperative “, indicate the fundamentals of the project sent by the Executive to Congress.

Decree No. 735/2, signed by President Alberto Fernández last week in full conflict with the Buenos Aires police, set a transitional coefficient of 2.32%. In addition, it established that, once Congress approves the transfer of security powers and functions in all non-federal matters, that percentage will be reduced to 1.40%.

The project sent this Thursday requests to approve the “Agreement of progressive transfer to the City of powers and functions of Security in all non-federal matters exercised in CABA”, celebrated between the national State and the Buenos Aires Government on January 5, 2016.

The second article of the proposal sets the annual expense that the transfer made to the City demands during this fiscal year at 24,500 million pesos.

“Said amount will be updated in successive years according to an index composed of 80 percent by the nominal index of the average salary of the Federal Police and 20 percent by the consumer price index (CPI) prepared by the General Directorate of Statistics and Censuses of said jurisdiction, both corresponding to the previous year “, adds the proposal.

In the same article it is argued that the General Budget of the National Administration of each fiscal year will contemplate the financing of the expenses set forth in this article.

The initiative also specifies that the amount established in article two will be divided into monthly installments that will be transferred from the National Treasury to the City and will be updated on a quarterly basis.

“The Ministry of Security and the Buenos Aires government must inform the Ministry of Economy of the indicators established in article two, according to their respective competencies, as well as the procedures used for their preparation,” he adds.

The fourth article establishes that The Chief of Staff will adjust the Budget for fiscal year 2020 in order to meet the financing of the expenses established in article two in proportion to the time remaining until the end of the current fiscal year.

“As of the entry into force of the present, the Executive Power will make the readjustment of the participation that corresponds to the City,” ends the text sent to the Upper House.



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